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Our Journey

Food Dude a family owned and operated Takeout Restaurant, Event Catering and Food Truck established in late 2013 by Chef Alex a graduate of South Florida's Johnson and Wales University. 

20 + years of culinary experience in the food industry under his belt. He has worked at Restaurants such as Martha's, Riverside Hotel, BB&T Center, Aramark Corporate Services, and Super Bowl XLI. Chef Alex strives to showcase Caribbean Fusion Food in South Florida in a different way other than your "Traditional" Caribbean Shop. Our passion is to educate the many different cultures of the true flavors while combining it with American comfort foods.


" We are trying to make food everyone can enjoy," " If your Jamaican, you can taste those Traditional flavors. But if you are from Sweden, you won't necessarily be overwhelmed with them either. It's about tweaking the receipts to make sure everyone wants to eat them." 

- Miami New Times Article August 2017



OCTOBER  2013 

Humble Beginnings

Loss of Gainful Employment with a 1.5 year old, new mortgage, and family to support I decided to take my severance check from last job and purchased a Food Trailer to start Food Service. I decided to take the Food Trailer to a local Food Truck manufacture to be discouraged by Food Truck buildout process and its cost. 


 I sold the trailer the very next day, and I thought “this will NEVER HAPPEN” 


November 2013- August 2014 

Redirecting my Efforts 

To be able to support my family, I did the only thing I know to do... which is to Cook and create Dishes!  


I created an Instagram Account to start delivering Meals to local Friends, Family and Businesses. I would build my customers by social media and word of mouth. 

August 2014

Not Fancy...but Full of Promise

Bought my 1st Food Truck.


The Food Truck looked worn out and needed work, but little did we know the success it would bring to Food Dude. The Food Truck would sit in our drive way as we slowly worked on it and kept delivering meals.


November 2014

Slowly...Turning into Reality 

While everyone is Celebrating Thanksgiving with their families, we are spending our holiday getting the Food Truck painted and ready for our 1st Official Food Truck Event in December.  


December 2014

1st Official Food Truck Event

Attending our very First Food Truck event at the City of Pembroke Pines, Florida 


December 2014 - July 2017

Growing Business 

We would grow our Food Truck Business by attending Food Truck Events, Corporate Events, Private Catering and much more.


July 2017 - May 2019

Culinary Incubator

Our lives would change for the best! We were called to join The Wynwood Yard  (culinary incubator) located in Miami’s Art District. This is where we would “prove” our concept that would catapult us into our Take Out Restaurant in Miramar, Florida. 

Phone: 754-208-8050

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